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Employers of illegal immigrants being named and shamed

Employers of illegal immigrants being named and shamed

The Home Office’s UK Borders Agency is naming and shaming employers of illegal immigrants on its website in an attempt to crack down on illegal working. Some 35 firms, the vast majority of which were restaurants and take-aways, have been named, alongside 37 directors. Since February 2008 there have been 265 fines, totalling £2.35m.

Companies which employ illegal immigrants have been named and shamed in a further attempt to crack down on illegal working. The move by the UK Borders Agency comes four months after officials launched a concerted effort to identify and prosecute companies breaking the law.

Some 35 firms have been named on the UK Borders Agency website, alongside 37 directors (link below). They were fined a total of almost £303,000 for employing 56 illegal workers. The vast majority were restaurants or take-aways. In all, there have been 265 fines since February under the new rules, totalling £2.35m.

The total number of prosecutions is 10 times higher than the total for 2007, and double the total for the previous decade, say officials. Some 6,300 operations during 2007-08 led to 5,500 arrests.

Nationwide, some 7,500 immigration officers will be re-organised into at least 70 localised teams including police and customs officials. Officials hope these will be better placed to target black economy hotspots. Home Secretary Jacqui Smith said: “When newcomers come here they enter into a deal with the UK – to work hard, play by the rules and earn their right to stay. These changes will ensure our frontline officers can continue to implement these reforms and meet the tough targets we have set the UK Border Agency.”

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