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Acas and CIPD guidance on mediation for employers

Acas and CIPD guidance on mediation for employers


Acas, in conjunction with the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), has issued a guide to employers on conducting mediation ‘Mediation: An Employer’s Guide’. The guide aims to provide practical help in deciding whether, and in what circumstances, mediation may be suitable, and draws on the experiences of a number of companies.

Mediation requires a degree of cooperation between the parties in dispute. They are encouraged to address the wider issues between them, rather than expressing the differences in terms of narrow technical or legal points. Where mediation is carried out, the range of possible solutions each party can provide to resolve the dispute is far wider than the remedies available to a court.

This joint Acas/CIPD guide provides practical help to enable organisations to decide if mediation could work for them and the factors and processes to be considered in its implementation. It addresses topics and questions like:


  •  The impact of conflict in the workplace
  •  What is mediation?
  •  The benefits of mediation
  •  Implementing mediation in your organisation
  •  Managing the mediation process
  •  Evaluation


The guide draws on the experience of a range of organisations using mediation, including: Ministry of Justice, University of Central Lancashire and West Midlands Police. CIPD members can obtain a copy at:

Readers will recall from previous newsletters that Makbool Javaid is a trained and accredited mediator who can provide in-house mediation services and training

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