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Employers’ guide to eldercare published

Employers’ guide to
eldercare published

A new guide from a
leading care provider, My Family Care reveals that identifying employees with
eldercare responsibilities and understanding what support they need is the
first step for employers who want to introduce the right eldercare policy to
attract and retain people from the widest talent pool.

Given the ageing
population, My
Family Care’s Employers Guide to Eldercare
highlights that by 2050 there
will be double the number of people aged over 65 as under 18. My Family Care
argues that how employers support their working carers will have an increasing
impact on recruitment, retention and engagement.

The Guide points out that combining work and care is notoriously
difficult at the best of times, but adult dependent care brings its own unique
set of challenges. We’re typically talking about an employee caring for one or
both elderly parents. Not only is it more sensitive than childcare but the UK’s social
care market is especially difficult to navigate, with the line between healthcare
and social care impossible to draw.

The Guide says that finding ways to support working carers is
important if employers want to attract, retain and engage people from the
largest potential talent pool. In the coming years having a sensible, cost effective
and meaningful policy on how to support employees with adult dependents will
become essential. Building the business case and developing a flexible strategy
to support employees with eldercare responsibilities are essential.

June 2010

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