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Choosing the Right Employer of Record: Things you Need to Consider

Choosing the right Employer of Record (EOR) is crucial for global businesses. Industry expert Scott Winter emphasizes the importance of specialist knowledge, transparent pricing, ownership structures, hands-on experience, and the blend of technology with human touch in the selection process. You EOR partner should align with a company's needs, prioritising exceptional client service and trust.

Article by 10 August 2023


Beyond the Resume: How Employee Screening Helps HR Decide

In today’s cutthroat job market, resumes sometimes fail to paint a complete picture of a candidate’s potential. While they offer a glimpse into qualifications, they often overlook crucial aspects. Enter employee screening, a powerful tool that goes beyond the surface level.

Article by 31 July 2023


How HR software can meet change and challenge in hybrid work models

The way we work has undergone a significant transformation, with hybrid work models becoming increasingly popular in businesses. As organizations embrace a combination of remote and on-site work, HR software solutions play a pivotal role in supporting the seamless implementation and management of these hybrid work arrangements. In this article, we will explore the key features and benefits of HR software in facilitating effective hybrid work models and discuss how it can help businesses navigate the challenges of this new work paradigm.

Article by 26 July 2023


HR and Employment Law: Their Connection and Importance

HR and Employment Law play a crucial role in an organization, working in tandem to ensure seamless business operations. HR manages employees, including recruitment, training, compensation, etc, while Employment Law regulates the employer-employee relationship, and covers issues like discrimination, minimum wage, working hours, and workplace safety.

Article by 9 July 2023


Seven benefits for your employees that cost nothing

Many HR professionals are wondering what else they could offer or propose to employees in the company to attract the best talent from the market. However, sometimes the best solutions are the free ones.

Article by 16 May 2023


Employer pressures from raising the National Minimum and Living Wage rates

The increase in National Minimum and Living Wage rates due to come into force on 1 April will doubtless be welcomed by many employees and families struggling to make ends meet during the current cost of living crisis. On the other hand, the increase poses a number of challenges for employers, both financially and logistically, with schools being among the most affected.

Article by 13 April 2023


Loving what you do versus being burnt out

This blog explores how the last two years have brought challenges of epic proportions for HR leaders, with the pandemic, the Great Resignation, and the current economic downturn and how HR leaders are in a paradox of loving what they do versus being burnt out

Article by 20 February 2023


Essential guide to statutory compliance

In conclusion, statutory compliance is a critical aspect of running a business, as it ensures that organizations are adhering to laws and regulations set forth by government agencies. By implementing compliance measures, organizations can protect themselves from legal and financial penalties and ensure the integrity of their operations.

Article by 16 February 2023


How to Upgrade Your Poor Hiring Process: 2023 Tricks

A well-structured hiring process is crucial for attracting top talent and retaining employees. This includes creating an accurate job description, developing a hiring timeline, utilizing social media, working with an employer of record, campus hiring, hiring remote workers, and having a transparent hiring process. To create an effective job description, use specific language to reflect your brand culture and accurately describe responsibilities and requirements. To create a hiring timeline, factor in the time it takes to hire and schedule interviews, assignment reviews, and offer rollout. Utilize social media to expand your reach and engage potential candidates. Working with an EOR can assist with global expansion and outsourcing needs. Campus hiring is useful for large-scale hiring and filling entry-level positions. Remote working can boost productivity and lower costs. A transparent hiring process that includes honest feedback and a timeline can improve the candidate experience and reduce stress.

Article by 2 February 2023


The End of HR – the Future of HR?

HR used to be called Personnel – The name changed to reflect a more rounded function, which blended training and development with the admin role. It is clear enough that the function deals with the legal and admin aspects of employees as well as training and development. But what we don’t usually see is that HR and employees are operating within a complex system and thus, all their activities are subservient to that system. When the system is intentionally distorted by the law and by whatever becomes normal behaviour, then we get a function that is no longer looking after the best long-term interests of employees but is actually engaged in exploiting those employees to realise such concepts as “sustainable growth” – a discredited whimsey of a sub-set of our economic system and maybe an oxymoron.

Article by 29 January 2023