Why We Do What We Do – Understanding Our Brain to Get the Best Out of Ourselves and Others

Why We Do What We Do – Understanding Our Brain to Get the Best Out of Ourselves and Others

Author: Dr Helena Boschi
Review by: Lucinda Carney

Why we do what we do takes the highly complex subject of the brain and neuroscience and translates it into layman’s terms without being overly simplistic. The book is best appreciated as a physical book rather than reading it on kindle as it is clear that much thought has been put into the attractive layout and structure.

The author is both a psychologist and business practitioner and this brings a balance of pragmatism and theory which I know that many people benefit from. She chooses engaging and up to date examples to illustrate theories and points including references to Coronavirus headlines and the fact that 48% of spectators miss a man dressed as a gorilla in a ball game – which is easier for you to read than for me to explain.

I found it interesting to note that many of the teachings that I learned as a trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programme (NLP) such as the impact of the words ‘But’ or ‘Don’t’ are borne out within this book and helpfully referenced in the main. This brought some credibility to a subject that can be viewed scornfully by some.

Credit should be given for making an intimidating subject such as the brain and neuroscience accessible and relevant to anyone with an interest in business or personal communication. I highly recommend this as a relevant and easy to read book for anyone in business, education or just interested in the subject matter.

Published by Wiley

Lucinda Carney C.Psychol – Author of bestselling book “How to be a Change Superhero”, Host of the HR Uprising Podcast and Founder and CEO of Actus Software