Purpose – The extraordinary benefits of focusing on what matters most

Purpose – The extraordinary benefits of focusing on what matters most

Author: Ben Renshaw
Review by: Gemma Dale

Ben Renshaw draws on his own experiences in finding and then working within his own purpose, as a platform for this comprehensive text about the power and benefits of finding your own purpose in work and in life.

Throughout the book, purpose is considered on a personal, team and even organisational basis. The text draws on and references other books and leading thinkers from which the HR professional can learn much, such as Why by Simon Sinek and a Time to Think by Nancy Kline. Renshaw also provides multiple examples throughout from his own work with leaders all over the world, on how focusing on purpose has benefited them and their careers. Familiar concepts such as strengths, resilience, wellbeing and authenticity are discussed and reframed in the context of purpose.

The book presents both the wider case for focusing on purpose both professionally and personally, but also has a very practical element too. For the facilitator, HR practitioner or coach, there are some useful models and approaches within that could be utilised in practice.

Returning to the practical elements of the text, the book also provides the reader with what effectively amounts to a toolkit; a framework for thinking about and discovering your own individual purpose through self-reflection and individual exercises.

Purpose is thought provoking and accessible. There is something here for everyone; whether you are a coach and want to include the dimension of purpose within your coaching conversations, facilitate groups, or even just want to reflect more deeply on your own purpose. A most enjoyable read.

Gemma Dale, Founder, The Work Consultancy

Published by LID publishing