Network Better – How to meet, connect & grow your business

Network Better – How to meet, connect & grow your business

Author: Jeremy Marchant
Review by: Madeleine Field

The news may tell us that in the age of technology, where social media is dominant (currently taking 60% of UK ad revenue), digital has swept the board.  However, here is a book
that shows how networking and face to face meetings are still a better way to sell and how using your emotional intelligence and understanding the principles of networking will work for your business.  Networking Better brings these concepts to you through the author’s own experience and reflections.  There are many examples of Jeremy Marchant’s rich experience in building business networks contained in the 139 short sections that make up this book.

Richly illustrated with real life experiences and scenarios of business critical situations, you are taken through the fundamentals of emotionally intelligent networking, onto a reality check on how you are actually doing and finally to the actions, thoughts and feelings that will lead you to successful one-to-one meetings.  A strategic sprinkling of memorable quotations keeps us on track through chapters relating to the people involved in networking and the all-important relationships that are at the heart of doing business.

A book for those who still understand the art of conversation and want to use their emotional intelligence to develop business relationships rather than rely solely on the obligatory email.    

Madeleine Field – Head of Diversity and Inclusion at FDM Group

Published by Practical Inspiration