Free to Soar – Race and Wellbeing in Organisations

Free to Soar – Race and Wellbeing in Organisations

Author: Binna Kandola
Review by: Gemma Dale

This is a fascinating read that focuses in on the issues of race and wellbeing.  Although there are many books about workplace wellbeing in general, this is a thought provoking look into the specific wellbeing issues experienced by staff in minority groups.  It explores both the physical and mental wellbeing problems that can result from discrimination, exclusion and bias. 

Even though the book isn’t especially long, it is comprehensive detailed and ranges across subjects including the impact of discrimination on performance, power dynamics, social identities, resilience, unconscious bias, mental health and imposter syndrome.  Some of these topics will already be very familiar to many HR professionals and leaders, but we see them framed specifically in this text through the lens of wellbeing. 

The book contains lots of useful evidence and research as well as useful summary key learning points.  As well as covering the key theoretical frameworks the book is also very practical, offering suggestions for organisations that want to make change for the better.  There are also suggestions for individuals too, in terms of tackling racism and bias as well as taking personal responsibility for the same. 

This is an important and timely book, providing much to think about.  A definite much read for HR professionals, EDI practitioners and business leaders. 

Published by Pearn Kandola Publishing

Gemma Dale, Founder, The Work Consultancy