The Creative Thinking Handbook – Your Step-by-Step Guide to Problem Solving in Business

The Creative Thinking Handbook – Your Step-by-Step Guide to Problem Solving in Business

Author: Chris Griffiths with Melina Costa
Review by: Su Askew

Today in business we are under immense pressure to always be spontaneously creative, and it seems the key to having a successful innovative business is energetic ideation in abundance!
That’s not easy… and because of this vibrant need to shift and morph with unprecedented change, there are lots of books informing and inspiring us on how to do it.

I have also seen a good few design canvasses in these types of books; and, let’s be clear, I’m a fan!

As I started reviewing this book, I did wonder how it was going to be different from the others I have come across and give me something new and inspiring. I was pleasantly surprised.
This creative thinking process is applicable on a really practical level. OK, so everyone these days has a model and a unique process to learn, that we can forget and unconsciously slip back into our warm comfort zones and some of the tools are techniques we have seen before but there is plenty in this handbook to challenge you and I found lots of new material to absorb.

The content of this book must have struck a chord with me. I just loved the mind challenges (failed most of them) and canvas based tools that allowed me to see where I might not be fully effective and how to pivot that in to a really sensible plan without hours of planning or excessive detail. Some of the case studies and examples are well used now, fresh examples may have helped bring it even more alive.

The structured collection of canvasses is an accessible toolbox, applicable to many challenges not just the creative design process. It’s blown the whole topic of creative thinking open to all, we can be creative in problem solving/ skills development/ difficult conversations/ performance transformation/ removing obstacles and use it in all parts of our work and personal lives. Something to immerse yourself in or dip in to when needed. I’m particularly taken with the summarising chapter about creative leadership – truly valuable.

Su Askew – ValueSelling Associates

Published by Kogan Page