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HR and marketing need to start talking to attract young talent

A company’s behaviour towards staff has become a marketing touchpoint. If you deliver a working environment that’s attractive to young people, they will tell those stories for you on social media. With help from marketing colleagues, their messages can be amplified, boosting recruiting, retention and your company’s brand as a whole.

Article by 12 August 2023


How to recruit and retain Gen Z

Marti Willett, president of Digital Marketing Recruiters, knows what it takes to attract and retain employees. While Gen Zers might present their own unique hiring obstacles, they are not insurmountable. With that in mind, here are some strategies that will help you attract and retain the talent you need.

Article by 21 December 2022


Why is quiet quitting a rising problem for early talent cohort?

Gen-Z entered businesses during a time of changing mindsets around what work is and how it can be carried out sparked by the Covid-19 pandemic. They also are regular users of social media. Both the covid-19 impact and the social media tie to quiet quitting mean that Gen-Z workers are the most likely to embrace the trend.

Article by 23 September 2022


How to Retain Top Gen-Z Talent

Gen-Z employees add great value to the workforce (confident and diverse tech experts, who are driven by social causes). These benefits, combined with their laissez-faire attitude to leaving roles, the high costs of turnover and the war on talent makes retaining top Gen-Z talent a top priority for People teams. 

Article by 14 April 2022


The risk of demographic generalisations and losing talent

With five generations in one workplace, regular changes to legislation and new company initiatives to implement, HR can be forgiven for potentially being seduced by the simplicity of generational demographics. Grouping employees by age, providing insight into the lives they are likely to have led to date and how it’s shaped their values and attitudes towards the workplace today, can create a useful snapshot into different demographics – helping to inform everything from individual employee communications to company-wide engagement schemes.

Article by 21 May 2019


Attracting Gen Z

There is a new kid on the block, going by the name of Gen Z, and employers are scrambling to try and attract the latest tranche of talent to their workplace. Born between 1994 and 2005, Gen Z is another generational grouping for businesses to get to grips with, by asking: what motivates them? What are they looking for in an employer? Will they clash with, or complement, other generations in the workplace?

Article by 8 January 2019