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The behaviors which limit great teamwork

According to the study, experts believe that this is caused by ‘impostor syndrome’ - where we feel like we are ‘faking it’ at the job we are doing, having somehow slipped through the net and into our position, believing that other team members are much more competent. The more prestigious the organisation we work for - or indeed position we attain - the more likely we are to feel this when comparing our abilities to other team members at work.

Article by: Jennifer Brook | Published: 20 November 2017


Is it time for HR professionals to refocus on teams?

Retention and talent strategies are not new problems, but these figures reminded me of something else I’d read a few months ago: company lifecycles are imploding. They’re undergoing a crunch, even amongst the largest corporates.

Article by: Ab Banerjee | Published: 9 October 2017