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The five essentials of building effective surveys

It’s easy to think of research and data collection as something complicated that only a trained data scientist can do. In reality, modern survey tools mean that just about anyone can run their own research, gather insights and perform their own data analysis.

Article by: Daniel Saunders - Head of Content EMEA - Qualtrics | Published: 12 July 2020

Don’t let emerging talent turn stale

Even a successful management team needs their talent pool rejuvenated at regular intervals. Move too slowly and inevitably performance declines . Move too fast and the instability and loss of expertise leads inevitably to declining performance.

Article by: Blair Mcpherson Former Director, Author and Blogger | Published: 10 May 2020

Talent, internal mobility and workforce agility during the COVID:19

Talent is one of your most valuable assets, recognise and nurture the best talent and you will lay strong foundations for the future. One that can adapt to market demand and pressures, and respond quickly. For this, you need workforce agility and internal mobility.

Article by: Dan Tesjnak, Head - EMEA and APAC | Published: 7 May 2020

three person pointing the silver laptop computer three person pointing the silver laptop computer

Meanwhile the talent war rages on

With the deadly virus circling the globe, employers are wrestling with a weakened economy and are forced to act in new ways. To forge ahead, Talent Leaders need new strategies and tactics. Now more than ever, Talent Leaders need to become Talent Warriors. And the first step is to make sure we’re focused on our mission.

Article by: Janice Burns, Chief Career Experience Officer - Degreed | Published: 1 May 2020

How to support your people during the coronavirus outbreak

As the UK is currently on lockdown with extraordinary measures in place across the country to combat coronavirus, reward management consultancy Paydata outlines urgent tips for businesses to consider that will impact the long-term engagement of employees.

Article by: Tim Kellett, Director - Paydata | Published: 5 April 2020

Three Ways to Digitise the Workplace to Boost Employee Engagement

Game mechanics can easily be applied in the workplace in many ways. For example, most employees must complete different compliance tests and activities. Firms can award achievement levels and badges for quick completion or top scores, which can be published to all employees. So instead of simply getting it done, employees will want to win, which means finishing correctly and quickly. If you add value to the content, people will be more likely to engage and interact.

Article by: Joanne Regan-Iles, Executive Director Human Resource and Talent Acquisition Europe - TTEC | Published: 2 February 2020

Global Talent Trends for 2020

If this doesn’t happen, reskilled people who go back to their old jobs and culture will create a recipe for failure. Transformation must occur at every level of the organization. Middle managers—and even entry-level employees—are being given more control in how to structure their own work, as well as the work of their teams and colleagues.

Article by: Byrne Mulrooney, Chief Executive Officer - Korn Ferry RPO, Professional Search and Korn Ferry Digital | Published: 16 January 2020

Case Study – How Qantas trains for managing dispersed leadership teams.

Qantas Airways is the flag-carrier of Australia and its largest airline by fleet size, international flights and international destinations. It is the third oldest airline in the world after KLM and Avianca. Having been founded in November 1920, it began international passenger flights in May 1935.

Article by: Paul Aldrich and Andrew Pullman | Published: 23 December 2019

Transformation through talent

The way organisations manage talent in a changing world is crucial to their successful transformation. As part of our Certification Programme, we examined the HR policies, priorities and practices of over 1,500 leading employers around the world.

Article by: Phil Sproston | Published: 4 September 2019

strategy strategy

Don’t forget the importance of great middle managers

This is a belief supported by Dr Zara Whysall, Head of Research at talent management specialists Kiddy & Partners. In the latest Hays Journal she says, “For years, middle managers have been overlooked when it comes to talent management, falling into the no-man’s-land between ‘top talent’ and ‘rising stars’”. 

Article by: Roop Bhumbra | Published: 31 May 2019