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third party harassment third party harassment

Are employers liable for third party harassment?

The issue of liability for third party harassment has been called in to question following an undercover investigation by the Financial Times at an all-male charity event. The Presidents Club ran an event where female hostesses were reportedly subjected to sexual harassment by the male invitees, although attendees had been warned against harassing others in an event brochure.

Article by: Kate Palmer | Published: 4 February 2018

sexual harassment sexual harassment

The year of sexual harassment? The impact of 2017’s revelations

Sexual Harassment has always been and continues to be an issue in many workplaces around the world. Whilst laws are in place to protect employees from unwanted advances, abuse and assault, the last 12 months have revealed that many individuals and businesses still experience an unhealthy and sometimes unlawful culture.

Article by: Donna Martin | Published: 30 January 2018

worst excuses worst excuses

What can you do if you suffer sexual harassment in the workplace

Many women - and men - have chosen to speak out about their experiences and some serious cases have even led to legal proceedings being brought against high profile individuals. However, some have expressed concern about taking action over fears that it may harm their careers.

Article by: Maria Chadwick | Published: 28 January 2018

sexual harassment sexual harassment

#metoo continues to break the taboo

Victims of sexual harassment seem to be more willing to come forward and speak up in the media-driven climate of reduced tolerance for sexual misdemeanour. Whilst this is undoubtedly a positive step for equality and diversity, HR professionals need to be ready to handle concerns and complaints effectively.

Article by: David Smedley and Andrew Rayment | Published: 11 January 2018