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Cybersecurity skills in dangerously low supply

Research shows corporate demand for cybersecurity skills is rising faster than internal supply, with innovative thinking needed to plug the gap – both in the acquisition and retention of key talent. A report highlights an urgent and growing cybersecurity talent gap, calling for new recruitment and retention strategies to help organisations contain cyber risks and build competitive advantage.

Article by: Mike Turner | Published: 24 February 2018

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Cybersecurity – the weakest link

The quarterly report tracks IT jobs and salaries advertised within five technology disciplines (Big Data, Cloud, IT Security, Mobile, and Web Development), and across 10 UK cities. Permanent IT Security salaries rose by 4 percent this year, indicating that despite the demand drop, businesses are still willing to pay a premium for more specialist security professionals.

Article by: Martin Ewings | Published: 16 February 2018

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Safe evacuation in a security threat

As the current threat level for international terrorism in the UK is severe, it’s now time for every business owner to ensure they have comprehensive and up-to-date evacuation procedures in place. Gary Hicks Manager - Evac Chair.

Article by: Gary Hicks | Published: 18 July 2017

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Could your organisation handle a terrorist attack?

In the first of a four-part series on responding to the increased terror threat, Anne Payne discusses how to prepare for a traumatic event. Article Anne Payne is co-founder of Validium.

Article by: Anne Payne | Published: 21 June 2017