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How to protect your brand when handling redundancies

A survey, shared by the CIPD, which revealed that 1 in 3 of over 1,000 participants said HR had handled their redundancy poorly. The survey also showed that many told more than 10 people about that treatment by their ex-employer. So how can redundancies be managed in a way that minimises the negative impact on employer brand?

Article by: Shaun Allred | Published: 27 April 2018

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The incalculable damage of layoff to morale and engagement

Companies preparing for layoffs should know the new risks and costs of separation events, specifically on consumer brand and employer reputation: New data published by recruiting and outlpacement solution provider CareerArc after surveying 1,160 respondents:

Article by: Robin D. Richards | Published: 10 December 2017

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Guide to good practice on making redundancies

Redundancies are a harsh reality that many businesses may be forced to face and it is a difficult process for both employers and employees to go through. By Suki Harrar is employment lawyer with Wright Hassall.

Article by: | Published: 11 July 2014

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Redundancy in focus

The latest decisions of the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) and Court of Appeal on age discrimination give

Article by: | Published: 3 July 2012

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A fresh look at redundancy

At times redundancy is inevitable and far from pleasant for anybody involved, but taking a fresh view can make a difference.

Article by: | Published: 12 June 2012

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Job cull casebook

The latest decisions of the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) and Court of Appeal on age discrimination

Article by: | Published: 28 May 2012

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Too quick to cull

Are companies rushing too quickly to push the redundancy button in response to economic turmoil?

Article by: | Published: 17 April 2012