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Enforcement is key to tackling non-compliance in employment

The publication of the Director of Labour Market Enforcement’s Strategy for 22/23 may have been late, but I am hopeful that Margaret Beels is full of good intentions to tackle the issues that are harming the UK’s labour market and economy and I welcome her plans for 23/24.  She is one of many in a long line of people tasked over the years with devising a strategy to help shape a modern working landscape for the better.  Her predecessor, Matthew Taylor who held the role as Interim Director of Labour Market Enforcement had also been the architect of the “Good Work Plan”, another report written to help shape the UK’s working practices for a twenty-first century Britain.  One report after another full of admirable intentions and proposals that have been met with what Taylor once called “deafening silence” by the Government.  Dare we hope that Margaret Beels will be heard by policymakers.

Article by: Crawford Temple, CEO, -Professional Passport | Published: 24 April 2023

Tackling non-compliance in the supply chain

Enforcement will always be key to protecting workers and educating and arming workers with the knowledge to protect themselves against poor treatment or exploitation is vital. Working with experts and stakeholders throughout the supply chain, the government is getting better at informing workers about umbrella working so that people are becoming more aware and better equipped to make informed choices about umbrella working. But, there is still a long way to go to prevent workers from falling foul of dodgy schemes.

Article by: Crawford Temple, CEO - Professional Passport | Published: 14 August 2022

How the Government can clean up the umbrella sector

Since the roll-out of the Off-payroll legislation in April 2021, the industry has seen a rise in the proliferation of disguised remuneration schemes purporting to be umbrella firms.  They have duped many contractors into working with them and Crawford Temple is urging the Government to address the issue of disguised remuneration schemes as a matter of urgency.  He outlines some suggestions that will help the Government to shut down the schemes and clean up the industry.

Article by: Crawford Temple, CEO - Professional Passport | Published: 20 March 2022

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Brexit: The state of play explained

Over the past few months the UK’s focus has understandably been on managing the Coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdowns. But the question of Brexit has not gone away. Chief Executive of Morningside Pharmaceuticals, Dr Nik Kotecha OBE, gives his view on the negotiations.   

Article by: Dr Nik Kotecha OBE is Chief Executive - Morningside Pharmaceuticals, | Published: 30 June 2020

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Does marching work?

It is interesting to see the power of the people, or the lack of it, when 700,000 remainers marched in the hope that Brexit gets a second vote. The question is ‘does that sort of demonstration work?’ The answer is yes…and no. It is easier to explain the no side first.

Article by: Brian Williamson | Published: 9 November 2018

Macron – a French renaissance?

After recent populist and nationalist victories around the world, most notably in the United States, all eyes were on France for the Presidential election that concluded this month. But what does the result teach us about our current world, and what lessons might there be for our own organisations? Article by Stephen Founder - Frost Included.

Article by: Stephen Frost | Published: 17 May 2017

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Brenda from Bristol called it…

"You're joking, not another one?" This is the now-famous reaction of Brenda from Bristol, when a BBC reporter asked for her opinion on Theresa May’s decision to call a general election in June, almost three years before the country was due to vote for a new government. By Jo Sellick, Managing Director, Sellick Partnership.

Article by: Jo Sellick | Published: 16 May 2017