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The Journey to Meaningful Performance Metrics

Here’s how to maximise the outcomes of your move: Ask managers what they want and enable them to take ownership. Ultimately we want both employees and managers to have more frequent conversations so that more feedback is given and received.

Article by: Stuart Hearn | Published: 12 March 2019

How should businesses plan for an ageing workforce?

With life expectancy now sitting at an average of 85 and the state pension age increasing to 68 by 2039, employees are likely to work for many more years than previously expected. This scenario provides both opportunities and challenges for businesses

Article by: Anthony Sutton | Published: 22 February 2019

succession succession

How to successfully succeed at succession planning
Print – Issue 167 | Article of the Week

Things worth doing well are rarely easy, and succession planning is no exception. Today more than ever, the pressure to make the most of internal talent, combined with a seemingly insatiable appetite for transparency are just the top of a long list of reasons why finding a more effective approach to succession planning is moving rapidly up the agenda.

Article by: Phil Sproston | Published: 27 September 2018