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Onboarding: The new battleground for talent

All those old rules you’ve got written down on a piece of paper somewhere on how to recruit talent? The chances are they’re not worth the paper they’re written on. It’s time to tear up the old rule book and start again with learning technologies at the heart of your talent recruitment. Article by Liam O’Meara, Sponge UK.

Article by: Liam O’Meara | Published: 1 August 2017

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“Hello, I’m Graham…”

“You must be the new guy, I was told you were starting this morning. They asked me to sort you out. I'm Joe, I'm one of the security guards. Here's your office key, and there's a staff meeting tomorrow at 10am. If I was you, I would be on time, 'the boss' hates stragglers.” It sounds like a scene from a play, but it's not! It really happened… to me! Article by Graham White - Interim HR Director.

Article by: Graham White | Published: 19 July 2017