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The rise of the on-demand economy

Whether you’ve heard the term ‘on-demand economy’ or not, I’m going to stick my neck out and predict that you already use it on a regular basis. Mark Kirkbride, founder of hubbul, explores the latest digital revolution and what it means for the future of our talent.

Article by: | Published: 27 July 2015

The HRDirector Features

HR Analytics for a competitive advantage

In a dynamic world, human capital is arguably the most sustainable source of competitive differentiation and value creation. The role of HR is central to ensuring businesses are tapping into the vast potential of human capital, and interestingly, blending it with automation and digitization in unique ways.

Article by: | Published: 24 July 2015

The HRDirector Features

The risks of turning pensions tax relief upside down

Alongside the Budget, the Government launched a consultation on whether to turn the taxation of pensions on its head by replacing upfront tax relief on pension contributions with tax-free pension payments. Commentary by David Robbins, a senior consultant at Towers Watson,

Article by: | Published: 10 July 2015

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Step by step to a productive quarterly review

Regular quarterly reviews of your business plan are a crucial if you want fast, sustainable growth. But are you doing the right kind of review? Asks Shweta Jhajharia from The London Coaching Group.

Article by: | Published: 29 June 2015

The HRDirector Features

Greek tragedy

The rumblings in Europe appear to be building to a crescendo as the Greek debt negotiations reach a critical phase. Article from Mark Dampier, Head of Research, Hargreaves Lansdown.

Article by: | Published: 19 June 2015