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Tips for good mental health in the workplace

Lots of people find work good for their mental health for many reasons. A fulfilling work role can help to develop a positive sense of identity. A steady source of income can help to have a stable, comfortable and enjoyable home and social life. The workplace can provide opportunities to have contact and develop friendships with others.

Article by: Unknown | Published: 17 October 2018

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Tackling mental illness with data

New research from mental health charity Mind[ii] has highlighted that poor mental health affects half of all UK employees, however, only half of those who have experienced stress, anxiety or low mood told their employer how they felt. Contributor Anna Spender.

Article by: Anna Spender | Published: 6 October 2018

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Why is mental health so prevalent among businesses today?

If someone works full time from their mid-twenties until retirement they will spend more time at work than with their family. Given how much time people spend at work and the increasing cost of employee turnover, is it any surprise many organisations and businesses are trying to make their environments happier and healthier?

Article by: Karen Meager | Published: 25 August 2018

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Supporting mental health of expat employees

Research reveals organisations with employees working overseas are falling short when it comes to providing dedicated mental health support. Only 34 percent of employers were found to have a specific policy in place, such as an employee assistance programme.

Article by: Sarah Dennis | Published: 14 August 2018

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Five steps to improved workplace wellness

Employee wellness is all about ensuring staff are happy and healthy in and out of work. Mental health-related presenteeism costs employers up to three times the cost of mental health-related absence so it’s more important than ever for businesses to take action and take greater responsibility for the wellbeing of employees.

Article by: Richard Holmes | Published: 3 August 2018


Life’s ups and downs

Did you know more than 7 billion elevator journeys take place every day? However, according to a recent survey by thyssenkrupp Elevator and YouGov, there is not much conversation taking place in them as more than two-thirds (66 percent) of people won’t speak a word during their journey.

Article by: Luis Ramos | Published: 27 July 2018

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I’m suffering from depression – how do I tell my boss?

In today’s economic climate, many can be forgiven for feeling ‘grateful’ to have a job and therefore all too easily the added pressures of working life get accepted rather than questioned. Many may even consider it a weakness to suggest they are unable to cope.

Article by: Paul McLaren | Published: 9 July 2018

UAE – Mental health should be a priority for expatriate professionals

Today’s fast-paced and highly competitive work environment means the mental wellbeing of employees needs to be a key focus for businesses. The impact, in terms of developing and maintaining a healthy and productive workplace, can offer significant competitive advantages over the long-term. Mental ill health is still extremely common among employees, and it’s no different in the Middle East. While the UAE offers an exhilarating working and living environment, it can initially feel overwhelming for those who are often expected to hit the ground running, with little support with the myriad personal issues which are inherent with moving to a new country.

Article by: Tanya Dharamshi | Published: 4 July 2018

The dandelion principle
Print – Issue 164 | Article of the Week

In recent years, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) diagnosis has increased significantly. Existing studies show that for these individuals with specific life skills challenges, the process of finding and keeping meaningful employment can present significant difficulties.

Article by: Ian Iceton | Published: 20 June 2018

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How to deal with stress: time management

Have you ever been overwhelmed by work and everyday chores? So was I, before I found peace of mind with these effective time management methods. I act as the Development Lead for Headsted UK, work as a software consultant in my day job, and do my part in taking care of our household with four kids.

Article by: Toni Vanhala | Published: 16 June 2018