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Blue Monday – New Order

With Over 40% of workers say that winter negatively affects their mental well-being and over a third suffer from or have suffered from Seasonal Affective Disorder. New survey reveals key changes to the workplace to beat the Blue Monday Blues, improve employee well-being and boost productivity.

Article by: Jitesh Patel | Published: 14 January 2018

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Championing mental health in the workplace

Despite growing awareness around mental health issues, many organisations struggle with a chasm between awareness and action. The fact is that for many people, mental health at work remains a taboo subject. 85 percent of UK workers believe there is a stigma attached to mental health in the workplace.

Article by: Karen Penney | Published: 13 January 2018

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The emergence of the tick box mental health culture

The government itself unveiled plans earlier this year to 'transform' support, but despite all this, a stigma remains attached to mental health issues at work. Almost half of us know a colleague who has suffered from a mental health condition, but how many of us would actually speak to our employer about it? Indeed, would you even know who to speak to? Unfortunately the majority of us would probably answer, no.

Article by: Helen Smith | Published: 2 January 2018

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Conversations, Not Labels

The typical statistic quoted about mental health is that 1 in 4 of us will be impacted by poor mental health in some way during our lives. Derek Tracy, Clinical Director and Consultant Psychiatrist in South London, argues that, in truth, the ratio is more like 4 in 4: every one of us will be touched by poor mental health, either directly or indirectly. When you think about mental health through that lens, then you realise that this is a subject that’s too important to be left to other people; we all have a contribution to make. 

Article by: Tony Hall, Director - Extended Mind | Published: 20 December 2017

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How to promote good mental health

They are also trained to spot the early signs and symptoms of mental ill health and encourage individuals to access appropriate professional support or self-help.

Article by: Thomas Reynard | Published: 10 October 2017

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The career perils of disclosing mental health issues

Most UK employees have experienced mental health issues because of work yet over a million people face negative consequences after disclosing, according to a new report, Mental Health at Work published today by the charity Business in the Community in advance of World Mental Health Day.

Article by: Louise Aston | Published: 10 October 2017