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Why shared parental leave is a best-kept secret

Research has found that 50% of UK the workforce don’t know if their company offers shared parental leave, three years into the initiative. Alarmingly 47% of HR professionals admit they don’t actively promote shared parental leave within their organisation and 42% state they only communicate the company’s policy when they become aware of a staff member expecting a child.

Article by: Sinead Bunting | Published: 17 July 2018

breaks breaks

Why holidays should be a digital detox

40 percent of employees took a maximum of half their annual leave entitlement during the past holiday year. Whether it’s a two week holiday or a twenty minute respite at work, taking a break and disconnecting from all things digital and work-related brings a number of important and healthy benefits:

Article by: Ciara Morrison | Published: 8 July 2018

paid paid

Guide to global paid leave strategy

Taking a holiday is essential for recharging our batteries, to get away from work stress and to have time to ourselves. But how much paid time off should employers give their staff and how do entitlements differ globally? Which countries are the most generous with their holidays? Are there standard practices?

Article by: John Dean | Published: 29 June 2018

pawternity pawternity

Pawternity leave – Barking mad or will it take off?

So, what exactly is ‘pawternity leave’? Apparently, it’s just like maternity or paternity leave but for a new pet, instead of a new baby. The unpaid time off is allowed in order to give pet owners time to take care of their new pet whether this is a kitten, puppy, rabbit, hamster or whatever you’re having yourself…

Article by: Mairead | Published: 25 May 2018