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The New Wave of Adaptive Leadership

Adaptive leadership is founded on a mindset that welcomes diversity.  This is not the narrow definition of diversity which often ends up with either perceived or genuine tokenism. Real diversity challenges existing ways of thinking and operating, and runs deep through several areas of an organisation, including three key areas:

Article by: Richard Charrington | Published: 28 June 2019

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 How embodying trust builds big picture leadership capability

Your instincts, or intuition is felt in the centre of our body and will indicate your growth pathway. Once you begin to trust and understand your intuition, you deepen your self-awareness and become more attune to what your body awareness is telling you

Article by: Tony Holmwood | Published: 7 June 2019

5 Ways HR Can Help Develop Leaders

Human Resources (HR) needs to be a driving force behind management development, as successful managers empower successful business outcomes. Even if organisations don’t have immediately obvious leadership issues, it’s important to implement effective systems and processes earlier rather than later.

Article by: James Cook University | Published: 21 May 2019

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The Righteous Manager 

Whilst not pious they can be shocked by bad language or inappropriate behaviour. They don’t swear and don’t think others should especially in the work situation. For the Righteous Manager there is only black and white and they feel very uncomfortable with being forced into grey areas. 

Article by: Blair Mcpherson | Published: 9 March 2019

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The Future HR Leader

Though they have understood the need for people related skills – reward, recruitment training and much more - still there are many CEOs who fail to recognise how today’s best HR leadership can provide a truly game-changing contribution to a business.

Article by: Richard Chiumento | Published: 22 November 2018

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Failure is the key to great leadership

We're used to reading everywhere that all great leaders have the characteristics of good decision making and delegation. But what about another characteristic all great leaders have in common - failure. Often the path to being a great leader isn't a smooth one. In fact, it's often our failures that teach us the most important lessons to be being great leaders.

Article by: Chieu Cao | Published: 5 September 2018

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Leadership lessons from Gareth Southgate’s team transformation

The England football team’s World Cup success and has amazed and inspired the country, turning the experience of watching the team from dread to delight. "During my career everyone was talking about the tactical and technical elements of the game but more often it was the mental game seemed that was the difference between success and failure."

Article by: Jeremy Snape | Published: 11 July 2018

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Three Steps to Fear-Free Leadership

Fear may be stopping talented senior managers and directors in your organisation from stepping up. As talented individuals take on increased responsibility, there is an expectation that they glide seamlessly to leadership. Yet the level of challenge and exposure can leave them feeling overwhelmed and vulnerable.

Article by: Alison Reid | Published: 12 June 2018

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The Changeist
Print – Issue 163 | Article of the Week

How we react is entirely within our control and appreciating this can make all the difference. As leaders of change, this is the message we must impart to our people if we wish to be successful. For only your people can deliver your business strategy. Only your people can deliver the change your business requires.

Article by: Campbell Macpherson | Published: 6 June 2018

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Nurturing executives for long term success

Successful leaders are the sum of many parts, and successful leadership teams are the result of a combination of complementary sums that play to individual and team strengths. Contributor By Dr Andy Brown, CEO – ENGAGE. Nurturing these strengths is critical, not just at key business moments, but using a sustained, long-term approach that allows teams to evolve to meet new challenges, and to support seamless succession planning. Leadership nurturing can be addressed in a number of ways, but most critically businesses needs to focus on:

Article by: Dr Andy Brown | Published: 15 May 2018