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High plains drifter

The enigmatic stranger, a mysterious past, face etched with life's challenges, rides into town. Slowly, dusty boots climb the stairs, the slow chink of spurs catching folk's attention. They pretend not to stare, but who could it be, why is he here? The door swings open and twelve pensive faces turn as one. Our stranger, cheroot playing between his teeth, speaks: "Good morning ladies and gentlemen, I'm Graham, your new interim HR director".

Article by: | Published: 5 October 2016

The HRDirector Features

Interims the ultimate ‘disruptive talent’

Last month, Sir Richard Branson told BBC World Business that he would be a difficult employee for any boss to manage and said that if he were a member of staff at another business, his line manager would have to "accept that I might not do things exactly as he'd like me to do them". Article from Russam GMS.

Article by: | Published: 6 August 2015

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Why Interim management?

When considering interim management, it is important to distinguish between interim and two other forms of temporary employment: consulting and contracting. Article from Chris Williams, Alium Partners.

Article by: | Published: 17 October 2014

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Support your local interim

An increasing trend finds interims are being brought into antagonist workplaces. What is already a challenge is made that much harder, HR directors must really pull out all the stops to support them in the face of their adversity.

Article by: | Published: 27 March 2014

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Interim market bucks trends

Demand for interim managers jumps 22 percent bucking trends in the wider senior management recruitment market

Article by: | Published: 9 January 2012

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Fine-tuning for performance

The finely-honed skills of the world’s top Formula One racing teams – from the driver to a pit stop engineer – is a winning formula for business success.

Article by: | Published: 24 May 2011

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Prepping for the interim…

How should you prepare for the arrival of an interim manager and what should the organisation do to ensure the success and lasting value of the commission?

Article by: | Published: 13 October 2010