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How to keep HR strategies flexible

It’s no secret that the pandemic changed how we live and work. With that, human resources departments have to constantly ebb and flow with the ever-growing list of considerations and guidelines, both in the office and remotely. As the world rapidly changes, we must remain flexible. 

Article by: Dino Ferrare, VP - Human Resources and Information Technology atFielding Graduate University | Published: 19 July 2023

How to support working parents in shift-based roles

Mike Morini, CEO of WorkForce Software, explores the challenges being faced by working parents in shift-based industries, and how employers can better support and retain this valuable cohort of talent.

Article by: Mike Morini, CEO - WorkForce Software | Published: 17 July 2023

Can ‘work from anywhere’ really work?

The "work from anywhere" concept hasn’t quite taken off as expected. Uncertainty surrounding the logistics of WFA schemes, their impact on productivity – and whether they’re “really feasible?” – has lead to hesitancy from many employers, and they are missing out on the benefits as a result.

Article by: Caitlin Pyett, Director of Account Management, Asia and Consulting Lead - Crown World Mobility | Published: 6 May 2023

Freelancing will define the future of work

Despite the wave of redundancies we’ve seen in some of the world’s biggest tech companies in the last few months, market conditions mean the war for skilled talent continues. This is why salaries have risen by as much as 60% and greater emphasis is being placed on better working conditions and increased happiness.

Article by: Charlotte Gregson, Country Head UK - Malt | Published: 25 February 2023

Empowering employees to work from anywhere, anytime

Under new Government legislation, millions of employees will be able to request flexible working on their first day of employment. As the UK comes one step closer to making flexible working the default, what should businesses do to help facilitate the transformation?

Article by: Ross Slogrove - Ringover | Published: 12 February 2023

What can be done about worker loneliness?

Workplace loneliness affects employees' health, reduces productivity and increases staff turnover. A new report from the British Red Cross says employers can help staff feel more connected.

Article by: Olivia Field, Head of Policy. - British Red Cross | Published: 2 February 2023

You have to embrace the Four-Day workweek

In today's business world, the traditional five-day workweek is no longer the norm. More and more businesses are embracing the four-day workweek, and there are good reasons why. For employees, a four-day workweek means better work-life balance. For employers, it can lead to improved productivity and employee retention. In this blog post, we'll explore the advantages of the four-day workweek and some of the challenges you may face when implementing it in your business.

Article by: Lili Dewrance - Freelance Marketing Consultant | Published: 14 December 2022

Building resilience through the hardest times

HR professionals in every business need to ensure they are working collaboratively and quickly to support employees during current times of uncertainty, whether that’s help with their finances or wellbeing. This is something HR teams have struggled with – even after the throes of the pandemic, 78% of people in the UK believe that companies should be doing more to listen to their needs.

Article by: Sarah Henry, VP HR Solutions EMEA - Oracle | Published: 27 September 2022

Why employers really need to listen to what working parents want

One of the most positive impacts of the pandemic for the workforce has been the shift in conversations regarding the struggles many employees face, and what management can do to relieve these pain points. Topics that may have previously been shushed and avoided are now at the forefront of public and private discourse, such as the importance of striking a work/life balance, mental well-being, and flexibility for employees. 

Article by: Emir Allen, Managing Partner - Phoenix | Published: 21 September 2022