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Top 10 Countries for Women to Work Abroad

For International Women’s Day, InterNations, the world’s largest expat community, took a look at the women that do work abroad and the countries in which they are happiest with their career. The findings are based on the insights of 8,855 female expats that took part in the Expat Insider 2018 survey, one of the most extensive surveys about working and living abroad, annually conducted by InterNations. For the survey’s Working Abroad Index, several topics such as career prospects, work-life balance, and job security are factored in.

Article by: Malte Zeeck | Published: 28 February 2019

Identifying five Key Types of Expat Professionals in GCC Countries

A move from their home countries has worked handsomely for some expats; while, others lament the high cost of living and the diminishing marginal utility gained from trying to prosper under restrictive labor laws that invite discriminatory practices. Consequently, the justifications to arrive and stay within the GCC region vary widely among the expat professional communities. Let’s review the following 5 key types of expat professionals to gain a better understanding of their goals/objectives/ambitions as they strive to find relevance/congruity within the corporate environment of the GCC countries:

Article by: Murad S. Mirza | Published: 17 October 2018

UAE – Mental health should be a priority for expatriate professionals

Today’s fast-paced and highly competitive work environment means the mental wellbeing of employees needs to be a key focus for businesses. The impact, in terms of developing and maintaining a healthy and productive workplace, can offer significant competitive advantages over the long-term. Mental ill health is still extremely common among employees, and it’s no different in the Middle East. While the UAE offers an exhilarating working and living environment, it can initially feel overwhelming for those who are often expected to hit the ground running, with little support with the myriad personal issues which are inherent with moving to a new country.

Article by: Tanya Dharamshi | Published: 4 July 2018

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The most expensive countries to send expatriates

Cost of pay packages for expatriates in the UK has fallen dramatically. European countries drop out of the top 10 most expensive locations for foreign companies to send staff. Pay packets for expatriate middle managers in the UK cost nearly $40,000 less than twelve months previously.

Article by: Steven Kilfedder | Published: 28 May 2018

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Best places for expats

While expats in San Francisco and London benefit from fantastic job opportunities, those in Zurich are more likely to see an increase in disposable income. Cities in the UK and the US lead the rest of the world when it comes to expat job opportunities, according to the latest HSBC Expat Explorer survey, the world’s largest and longest running study of expat life.

Article by: Dean Blackburn | Published: 28 February 2018

UK employees moving to France

There is a lot of speculation about jobs moving from the UK to France following Brexit. The following is a non-exhaustive checklist of matters to consider before moving to France. It is essential to get advice on your personal position before making the move. By David Anderson, Sykes Anderson Perry Limited Solicitors London.

Article by: David Anderson | Published: 24 December 2016

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Singapore takes top spot for expats

Expat Explorer country league table, with expatriates[1] praising the opportunities for career development, appealing salaries and an excellent quality of life.

Article by: | Published: 21 September 2015