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Why your employees’ financial wellbeing matters

For years, employers have not really had to think about providing support to their employees around financial and mental well-being. This of course could be a legacy culture from when individuals worked for their employer and in return employers offered what they needed: a salary plus some health benefits and a final salary pension once they left.  

Article by: Banafsheh Ghafoori | Published: 29 June 2018

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Our American cousins and that “special” relationship

Of course, it would be a mistake to simply replicate the US process in the UK and vice versa. Indeed, what works in one regional area, won’t necessarily work in another, but there are some best practices being deployed in the US which may very well translate to the UK market.

Article by: Charles Hipps | Published: 14 June 2018

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Guide to raising employee engagement

Aon’s 2018 Benefits and Trends Survey cited employee engagement as one of the top two challenges for employers, alongside retention. Employers also said the third biggest challenge was improving employee participation with their benefits. Contributor Jerry Edmondson.

Article by: Jerry Edmondson | Published: 27 May 2018

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Intranet is yesterday, employees want apps

It is clear that employee engagement strategies which utilise emerging technology platforms need to be top of the HR agenda. That’s according to digital solutions provider, Workvine, which has produced a report detailing the top ways that HR teams can improve employee engagement through workplace apps.

Article by: Adrian Hobbs | Published: 21 March 2018

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Do hunter-gatherers have problems with engagement?

Us humans have always been hierarchical haven't we - that's our natural state and how we work and live in groups most effectively? The evidence suggests not. It appears that resistance to being dominated was a key factor that drove the evolutionary development of human consciousness.

Article by: Sam Dods | Published: 4 March 2018

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Seven ways you can empower your employees and improve morale

Some employers fear giving their staff a voice – hoping instead they’ll avoid any issues and grievances by burying their heads in the sand, or worse, allowing a culture of fear to take hold where staff are anxious about speaking up. To ensure your team is operating at its highest efficiency, here are 7 tips to empower your employees and improve morale.

Article by: Mike Edwards | Published: 21 January 2018

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Time for an ‘Engagement Health Check’

Employee engagement is not simply about being happy at work. An engaged employee cares about the business and believes in its vision. They have a strong connection with the organisation and will work towards shared goals. At the start of this year, nearly 70% of workers were planning on quitting their jobs

Article by: Amir Qureshi | Published: 12 January 2018