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Open heart surgery

Are employers paying lip service to retention, but practicing a different reality? High levels of employee turnover is bad for business - replacing an employee can cost up to 50 percent of their annual salary - but to direct attention solely on the numbers means never getting to the heart of the matter, and it really is the heart we’re talking about because for the employees themselves, money is rarely the issue.

Article by: | Published: 12 October 2016

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Sum of the parts

Focusing on employee engagement and wellbeing, Unipart set about making employees feel even more cared for, and training managers to really listen to people was key. To operate well, a logistics relies on total commitment, so as well as engaged and happy people, the business benefits were immediately obvious.

Article by: | Published: 21 September 2016

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People strategy trumps business strategy, every time

The fundamental driver of innovation and productivity within any organisation is the people working for it. For this reason, the establishment of a successful people strategy is one of the key considerations in promoting greater performance, both internally and within the marketplace.

Article by: | Published: 9 September 2016

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Success breeds contentment

Eighty percent of UK employees who say they work for high performing organisations are engaged compared to only 20 percent of those working for low performing organisations. And 80 percent of employees who think their organisation is customer-centric are engaged. With comment from Sally Winston, Global Head of Employee Engagement ORC International.

Article by: | Published: 15 July 2016

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Employee retention: five things to implement

Have emotional intelligence: Easily the most inexpensive strategy to put in place is to be empathetic and appreciative of your staff. Saying ‘please’, ‘thank you’, being interested in your staff and praising their work is all it takes, but something that is missing in some workplaces.

Article by: | Published: 1 July 2016

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Reducing office space impacting on engagement

UK has more than twice as many open plan workers as the global average. Brits twice as likely to hot-desk as their international neighbours. But the UK is falling behind for engagement and workplace satisfaction.

Article by: | Published: 14 March 2016