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Should we start taxing robots before we reach unemployment?

The key here is modelling a variety of different approaches to see which produces the fairest and most transparent system. This may well evolve over time as the controlling AI algorithm learns about what behaviours it engenders in firms to try and reduce their tax bill. 

Article by: Rohit Talwar | Published: 31 October 2017

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The role of culture in digital transformation

It is rare to find an organisation these days without ambitions to digitally transform, as even the most traditional leaders are realising that they need to build multi-channel customer experiences in order to remain competitive. Article by Rich Webley, Managing Director – Dragonfish.

Article by: Rich Webley | Published: 11 August 2017

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Lost in Cyberspace

Increasingly, managing, engaging and developing employees is moving further away from personalised human contact and closer to an all-tech interface, on every level and element of the workplace. But although technology is unquestionably fulfilling the employer/employee interface, it is not in itself a panacea to the task that can be left to its own devices, what is still required is human initiative. Article by Matt Johnson, Managing Director - City and Guilds Kineo.

Article by: Matt Johnson | Published: 14 July 2017

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Digital Badges

Digital badges can save organisations a lot of wasted time and effort this new financial year by providing them with direct access to view qualification certificates. Article by Amrit Saroya, head of membership at AXELOS.

Article by: Amrit Saroya | Published: 11 June 2017

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Risk – C-Suite paying lip service to digital transformation

Eighty-six percent of Britain’s biggest businesses have assessed their risk of digital disruption, with the majority putting a C-suite exec in charge of driving digital change. Comment from Lisa Barrett, managing director at AVADO.

Article by: Mark O’Donoghue | Published: 10 April 2017