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How to enable your people for ‘digital evolution’

Your people can, and should, be an enabler of digital evolution. With increased awareness, skills development and training, your people can overcome any blockers, embracing and enabling a new digital evolution reality.

Article by: Greig Johnston, CEO - Vidatec | Published: 20 August 2023

Businesses beware, as BA, Boots and BBC suffer mass hacking of payroll data

Identity information handled by HR professionals can be a highly valuable data set for cyber criminals. Keeping it secure is essential for businesses of all sizes, which is why the NEBRC are sharing their top tips, following recent high profile hackings.

Article by: Rebecca Chapman, CEO and Director at The Business Resilience Centre for the North East (NEBRC) and Police Superintendent | Published: 20 June 2023

Employee turbulence: aviation industry’s retention problem

Investing in the employee experience through digital transformation can offer a cost-effective way of digitising manual processes that create friction points and inefficiencies. As customer experience has become a guiding mantra for consumer brands, HR directors in aviation should embrace a similar philosophy in their workplace.

Article by: David Chandler, Division Director - Great State | Published: 20 May 2023

Analogue HR in a digital world

Disorganised files, multiple systems, different catalogues, and even printed documents are the library contents for many companies that have gone through significant growth over the years.

Article by: Sympa | Published: 2 March 2023

Wow to ace digital customer service

As more and more businesses move online, customer service is fast becoming an integral part of a business's online presence. From negative reviews to comments on social media, bad customer service can significantly hurt a brand if a customer chooses to air their grievances online. 

Article by: Jacy Yates, Senior Account Manager - Fishtank | Published: 20 December 2022

Can payroll cope with the hybrid future?

Colette Philp, UK HR Country Lead at SD Worx UK, suggests that in the 2023, we will see digitisation used to combine different areas of business, create highly personalised approaches to utilise the skill sets of their employees, whilst also using smart technology to provide employees with flexible pay periods during times of economic hardships.

Article by: Colette Philp, UK HR Country Lead at SD Worx UK | Published: 9 December 2022

Top 5 digital tools to boost efficiency for remote workers

There are millions of remote workers, many of whom enjoy the perks that come with being able to work from anywhere with a stable Internet connection. However, there are also drawbacks involved that some may not anticipate, especially those who have never worked remotely before. Whether dealing with distractions or collaboration difficulties, remote workers can take note of the specific challenges they’re personally encountering and face them head-on with digital tools. From putting yourself in a good head space to formatting letters, the following five digital tools offer options that could make a difference while you navigate the workforce as a remote worker. 

Article by: Lili Dewrance - Freelance Marketing Consultant | Published: 11 October 2022

Optimising digital connectivity

Individuals worldwide had their lives uprooted when the pandemic and consequential lockdowns commenced in 2020. When it came to these vulnerable individuals whose facet of life suddenly altered overnight, technology was the reinforcement they needed to support their urgent proceedings.

Article by: Paul Holland, CEO - Beyond Encryption | Published: 8 August 2022

How intelligent automation creates inclusive work culture

An inclusive workplace is where everyone feels like they belong and their voices are heard. This can be a challenge in any workplace, especially for HR management. We all know the importance of relationships and communication.

Article by: Lou Bachenheimer - Blue Prism | Published: 26 June 2022

DIGITALISATION OF HR – Bricks & Data – Print – Issue 210 – April 2022 | Article of the Week

Vision to transform to a people-focused digital organisation is not being obscured by a lack of commitment to spend on tech. Indeed, budgets are assigned and we are on the cusp of becoming people-focused digital organisations. However, digital transformation is reliant upon four essential elements, three are often in abundance - vision, tech and budget - but a crucial one, is evidently in deficit. As companies formulate their transformations, data has to be at the fulcrum of the plan.

Article by: Max Bailey, Technology Advisory Executive Director – Lace Partners | Published: 14 April 2022