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How to avoid the pitfalls of social washing

Adrien & Pierre Gaubert, Co-founders of myGwork, explore the pitfalls of social washing, and offer guidance on how companies can avoid it to retain valuable staff and customers.

Article by: Adrien & Pierre Gaubert, Co-founders - myGwork | Published: 6 September 2023

How to rewild an organisation

Rewilding a garden isn’t about lazy gardening or neglecting the garden it’s about relaxing the obsession with tidiness in order to increase the potential for wildlife. Can you apply the rewilding principle to organisations. Relax the obsession with efficiency and creat the space for ….well everything

Article by: Blair Mcpherson | Published: 13 May 2023

What are the most sustainable industries?

Running a business in 2022 is difficult. Higher operational costs, reduced demand across most sectors and an economy still feeling the collective hangover of Brexit and Covid have led to many businesses struggling to survive, let alone deal with longer-term issues like sustainability and their environmental impact.

Article by: Nick Higginson, CEO - Phoenix Health and Safety | Published: 11 December 2022

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Do leaders need a moral compass?

The World Cup has provided a very high profile case example of what happens when the leaders of organisations lack a moral compass.

Article by: Blair Mcpherson | Published: 10 December 2022

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Are organisations inevitably hypocritical?

Being hypocritical might be the only way organisation’s and their senior managers can operate given the often contradictory demands they face.

Article by: Blair McPherson - former Director, Author and Blogger | Published: 29 June 2021

How can we build a more purpose-driven company culture?

This is the time for long needed structural change within the businesses within our communities — and it is the time that human resources leaders can impact their organizations. Change requires work, perseverance, and commitment. How we prepare the next generation of business leaders matters — as do the ethics we embed in our business models as we shift attention toward more principled and tangible demonstrations of collective management that embraces the needs of the entirety of our communities.

Article by: Bradley Leimer, Co-Founder - Unconventional Ventures | Published: 24 June 2021

Recognising imposter syndrome in the workplace

Imposter syndrome affects an individual’s self-esteem and is dominated by feelings of self-doubt and is increasingly important to recognise during times of change and instability. Please find enclosed press information on recognising Imposter Syndrome in the workplace and how to overcome it, from Dr Lynda Shaw.

Article by: Dr Lynda Shaw, Business Psychologist and Change Specialist | Published: 23 June 2021

Are pension providers guilty of greenwashing?

Are pension providers guilty of greenwashing or do climate friendly pensions really exist? How can employers ensure they are choosing a socially responsible pension provider on behalf their employees?

Article by: Ben Pollard, CEO - Cushon | Published: 9 June 2021

How to make your return to work sustainable

After an enforced period of working from home, the recent government advice has instructed us to work from home where possible, so more people may be venturing into the office depending on the nature of their work and depending on local lockdown restrictions. However, the usual water cooler conversations, tea rounds and hot desking are unlikely to be a part of the ‘new normal’ in the office. That’s because businesses of all sizes need to adopt certain measures to make their workplace COVID-safe.

Article by: By Valpy Fitzgerald, Director of Green Markets at Opus Energy | Published: 23 October 2020