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“Driving home for Christmas”… with chlamydia

One-in-ten Brits admit to having caught an STI from a colleague or know someone who has; one in 5 admit to having sex with a colleague at the office Christmas party; Over 12 percent have picked up an STI from a colleague or know someone who has 13 percent of people confessed they wouldn’t tell the colleague they hooked up with that they had caught an STI and 29 percent of people admitted they would NOT be worried about contracting chlamydia from a casual sexual encounter, despite it being the UKs most common STI

Article by: Natika Halil | Published: 15 December 2017

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Guide to Planning the perfect office Christmas party

Being responsible for everyone’s festive fun can be incredibly stressful and time consuming as you are forced to balance these responsibilities with the demands of work around Christmas time. However, it doesn’t have to be. Throwing the perfect Christmas party is a great way for everyone to blow off steam and boost morale, improving employee satisfaction and retention rates. Save yourself time and stress by following these tips to execute the perfect office end of year blowout:

Article by: Doodle | Published: 6 November 2017