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Great benefits poorly communicated is just a waste

It’s no good providing valuable benefits if your staff don’t know about them!  The old adage, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t force it to drink, may resonate with some when it comes to Voluntary Benefits and in particular, discount schemes. However, I would take issue with that. As with almost everything in life, it’s all about how you communicate it.

Article by: Andy Caldicott | Published: 15 April 2018

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The art of benefits? Immediacy

Did you know the direct costs of employee absence to the economy are reported to be in excess of £14bn each year? That’s what a recent survey by the CBI discovered. It’s research like this that inspired recruitment and HR specialist Rebecca Myers, to establish a new employee benefit service geared towards accessible fitness sessions for time-poor employees.

Article by: Rebecca Myers | Published: 19 January 2018