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Guide to AI adoption in the workplace

The influence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already being felt in workplaces all over the UK, impacting everything from customer experiences and product development to the way organisations operate at nearly every stage of the supply chain.

Article by: Clare Barclay | Published: 28 April 2019


Artificial Intelligence signals the arrival of Big Brother 

The ability to record strokes on a key board, when emails are received, read and responded to gives a minute by minute record of staff behaviour. It can also lead to the assumption that an individual who takes their hands off the keyboard for five minutes isn’t working.

Article by: Blair Mcpherson | Published: 13 April 2019


“I-Robot…? No.. I-Sid James!”
Print – Issue 172 | Article of the Week

Obviously, AI technology has advanced a long way in thirty years, but it would be foolish to assume that bias is no longer a problem. For example, the journal Science, reported on a study of an advanced AI language tool, which exhibited racial and gender bias.

Article by: Charles Hipps | Published: 27 February 2019


Harnessing the skills to optimise AI and cloud 

The technology highly desired by UK professionals is ‘artificial intelligence (AI)’ at 35 percent. Perhaps unsurprising, as AI driven programmes have the capabilities to sift through huge amounts of information and data to harvest valuable insights in a much quicker and accurate manner compared to human efforts.   

Article by: Joseph Scott | Published: 15 January 2019

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AI predictions for 2019

AI cameras will be increasingly present in the workspace in 2019. Video conferencing cameras that act as smart sensors will deliver automated user experiences that reduce the need for participants to control the camera manually, making video meetings simpler and more user-friendly, enabling more effective collaboration.

Article by: Jonas Rinde | Published: 31 December 2018


Concern over AI is growing

Although Brexit deadlines are looming, research has found that 46%* of people fear the long-term impact of AI over that of the UK’s exit from the EU. AI is now part of everyday life. There is no other type of technology in recent history that has developed so quickly, and businesses are adopting it to help them innovate, improve efficiencies and cut costs.

Article by: Charles Lewington | Published: 3 December 2018

APAC – Eight Keys to Great Candidate Engagement

In my first two articles, we looked at some significant challenges to early talent engagement in APAC. Whilst these might feel dire, the good news is that technology has the power to offer a helping hand with providing this crucial personalised messaging. Indeed candidates expect organizations to use modern approaches to provide this to them.

Article by: Samir Khelil, Far East & APAC Director – Oleeo. | Published: 23 November 2018

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AI can transform recruitment if algorithms are tuned correctly

Reports suggest that an algorithm that was being tested as a recruitment tool by online giant Amazon was sexist and had to be scrapped. Whilst unconfirmed, this news raises a number of questions about how artificial intelligence or machine learning should be applied to talent acquisition in a way that will not pick up the unconscious bias of humans.

Article by: Charles Hipps | Published: 15 October 2018


Business leaders must not forget people skills in the age of AI

Firms will fail to maximise the commercial potential of new technologies unless they first get their people strategies right. Contributor Peter Cave-Gibbs, Regional Market Leader for technology - Korn Ferry. In the ‘old-world’, technology was a neat industry vertical, like the industrial, consumer or life sciences sectors.

Article by: Peter Cave-Gibbs | Published: 19 September 2018