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The key to an engaged workforce is to ask, not tell

How do you feel when someone tells you to do something versus asks you what you think or if you’ll be okay to do whatever task was needed? Worse still, do they dictate that you act as directed from a supposed position of power that only serves to undermine your self-esteem. A command approach does have its place of course.

Article by: Susanne Jacobs | Published: 5 March 2018

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Why your Finance Director should care about assessment

Employee assessment has traditionally been an HR issue. Finance Directors have paid it scant attention, apart from possibly reviewing a cost-benefit case prepared by recruiters and sanctioning the spend. But now there’s a very pressing reason why financial controllers - and other senior managers - should pay much greater attention to assessment.

Article by: Andreas Lohff | Published: 23 December 2017

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A life without annual appraisals

This isn’t a surprising statement anymore, with dozens of articles proclaiming the demise of the annual performance review and discussing its replacement: continuous performance management. This is a new way of monitoring and encouraging performance and necessitates regular, meaningful performance discussions year-round. It’s being accepted and adopted by organisations across all business sectors and it is centred around three core principles: Employees should constantly be working towards achieving short-term SMART objectives; Employees should be receiving frequent, real-time feedback; Employees should be having regular, future-focused performance conversations with their managers.

Article by: Stuart Hearn | Published: 9 December 2017