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Reclaim your life from the 24/7 email epidemic

International email expert, Dr Monica Seeley has launched a guide to help office workers reclaim their lives from their inbox, based on findings from the recent ‘Lean Back’ survey*, which revealed 99 percent of office workers checked their email after leaving the place of work. 

The Lean back survey found that in particular, there is an issue with email management, identified by the surprising numbers which show 99 percent of those surveyed check email after leaving the office, many checking multiple times. 50 percent of those surveyed checked their email before bed, causing concerns over the rise in poor sleep patterns dues to work-related stress. The survey also revealed that 33 percent of us check emails at the weekend and over 37 percent check our work emails whilst on annual leave, and as a result feel overworked, undervalued and struggle with stress-induced health concerns. 

As a result, Dr Seeley has collaborated with global industry leader for Administrative Assistants, Marcham Publishing, to launch a comprehensive solution to the issues raised. ‘The Executive Secretary Guide to Taking Control of Your Inbox’ the first book in a series which is set to help office workers save time dealing with their emails, and reclaim their lives from the inbox. The series offers exclusive tips and advice from world renowned specialists, helping to advance professionals across the world to reach extraordinary efficiencies and success. 

The first book sees Dr Seeley, aka the ‘Email Doctor’, lend her 20 years of knowledge and expertise in combatting email overload, referred to by some as the disease of the 21st century. With research suggesting almost 47 percent of us are spending half of the working day dealing with emails, Dr Seeley provides the perfect antidote to a concerning email epidemic. Offering strategic help and guidance which has previously been tailored to and adopted by her international clients, with whom she is renowned for helping save at least 40 mins spent on emails per person, per day. 

Dr Seeley, who is also the author of ‘Brilliant Email’ amongst many other books on email best practice said: “Taking Control of Your Inbox is dedicated to all those PAs and EAs who spend much of their day managing their own and their boss’s bulging inboxes. The book tells them how to clear and organise their inbox as well as their boss’, free themselves of email overload and much more so they can truly disconnect from their inbox. Email management is essential to the success and sanity of any PA or EA. In fact, it’s essential to the success and sanity of most professionals no matter what area of industry they operate in.” 

Lucy Brazier, CEO of Marcham Publishing said: “’The Executive Secretary Guide to…’ pipeline includes easy to access information in an easy to read format on a variety of topics vital to Assistants including Microsoft Office, Mentoring, Communication, Finance, Marketing, HR, Social Media and Managing Up to name a few. I feel this is what the industry is crying out for, and it’s been a pleasure working alongside training experts and specialists whose skills, knowledge and expertise are recognised and respected throughout the world. The book series really is world class, and I am extremely excited about the prospect of PAs having access to such quality information, and how this will assist them in their development and progression professionally and personally.” 

Taking control of your inbox…

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