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How technology is changing business

Chris Boaz

Forward-thinking companies all over the world are using the latest technology to develop the way they approach everyday problems in innovative ways, from internal communication to customer service strategies, these technological advancements present opportunities to handle even the most mundane tasks faster and more efficiently. Contributor Chris Boaz, Head of Marketing – PCA Predict.

Business Energy comparison specialist Love Energy Savings, spoke to some of the industry’s leading experts to get their thoughts on what’s next for businesses, and how they’ve embraced the tech takeover to change their operations for the better.

How technology is improving team communication – VIA: Remote working
Open communication between team members is generally thought of as the key to efficiency in the workplace. Christopher Fitton is the founder of, a company that has developed a hosted ‘Skype for business’ solution that brings together all platforms (including video calls, emails and instant messages) in one place in an effort to facilitate this sort of open communication especially for progressive teams embracing flexible working:

“Technology of this kind facilitates more flexible working. Employees are free to work remotely thanks to the central comms platform that means you’re no longer stuck looking for someone’s phone number when they’re out of the office – their number goes with them so they can easily be accessed wherever they are. This will only become more important in the future, as more businesses invest in flexibility for their staff.”

Trello: Project management
Project management platforms such as Trello improve office efficiency through communication, giving teams the opportunity to collaborate online seamlessly, setting deadlines for tasks and updating each other on task progress. Making it easy to see the status of a project at a glance, software like this is quickly becoming an essential communication tool for many modern businesses.

Brightpearl: Inventory management
Using inventory management software is another way to streamline internal processes, allowing businesses to integrate everything into one hub and keep track of sales across various platforms in real time. Chris Boaz, Head of Marketing at PCA Predict, is a big fan of Brightpearl’s inventory management software, which “consolidates online sales, POS, purchasing, CRM, inventory and financials in a single system combined with automated accounting software to monitor and record purchase orders, profits, revenues and spend”.

How technology is enhancing customer experience
When it comes to delivering excellent customer service, those who embrace the latest technology are the ones leading the way.

Uber: The app that puts you in control
One of the most significant examples from recent times is Uber. By basing their entire business model around a user-friendly mobile app, the company has single-handedly revolutionised the taxi industry. Removing the need to ring a distribution office and giving accurate updates on when a driver is due to arrive means hailing a cab has never been more convenient.

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