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Top 7 mobile apps to manage HR specialists’ daily activities

Yana Yelina

Nowadays, users can relish a wide range of mobile apps aimed at facilitating their lives (at work or as part of rest/entertainment). Article by Yana Yelina is a Tech Journalist at EffectiveSoft.

The statistics show that 52% of the time spent on digital media accounts for mobile apps. As far as revenue is concerned, the global mobile app market was amounted at $45 billion and $58 billion in 2015 and 2016 respectively, and this number is projected to reach $77 billion in 2017. Experts in custom mobile application development offer a wide range of solutions that can be widely used in any sphere, and the human resources management is not an exception. This article features some handy mobile apps that can successfully assist HR specialists in managing their activities.

1. UpWork is probably one of the most popular HR platforms, where recruiters and freelancers reside. Here HR specialists can find top-notch candidates and easily connect with them getting much valuable information on their experience and checking real examples of their work.

With this mobile app you can write, send, and receive messages, view candidates’ profiles, submit proposals, send suggestions on participating in a certain project, get timely notifications, use filter while searching for freelancers, etc.

UpWork is available on iPhone and Android.

2. HR Management will help you keep up with the latest strategies in the HR sphere. You will be able to find out best practices, news about HR key sectors, including software, fresh technologies, hiring and outsourcing, tips on how to develop leadership.

Among other topics is employment law, performance management, employee benefits and bonuses, training, learning, and more.

This app also grants a chance to watch relevant videos and check new job postings. Download HR Management for free from Google Play or iTunes and discover its other exciting opportunities.

3. HR in Hand will become your faithful companion in dealing with employment activities and meeting the employment law requirements.

Any user will enjoy an array of sophisticated tools within this app. Thus, interactive calculators will let work from any location: calculate vacation time, redundancy and maternity leave benefits and provide results via email.

With this app you will also get access to preparing detailed checklists that include all the steps of any employment process, knowledge tests, employment contracts and other important documents, media learning and staff training materials.

Download the app for free on your Android or iPhone and manage routine activities at a higher speed.

4. openSAP may become an indispensable tool to use in a try to obtain the SAP HR certification. Here you will get acquainted with frequently asked questions and will be able to perform successfully when the time comes.

The app also accesses SAP’s online courses and offers a possibility to check relevant ones, pass online tests, and download necessary videos.

Beyond that, you can synchronize your personal learning progress with the openSAP web platform via the app and chat with peers on forums.

Download openSAP from Google Play or iTunes.

5. People HR is a pocket administrator that helps to deal with HR essentials. With this app you can authorize holidays and get quick access the company’s planners and directory, employee contact details (including the information about who’s working and when), etc.

The distinctive feature of People HR is that it can be also used by the company’s staff: with its help employees can solicit vacation from any location and track the request status. The app can be found on iTunes or Google Play.

6. JobVibe is all about the atmosphere at the workplace and corporate culture. It is a useful app for receiving real-time feedback from employees, thus, getting a chance to analyze the obtained information and improve the team work.

JobVibe allows to monitor everyone’s feeling thanks to weekly scores and to indicate prevailing trends. The app helps to share impressive achievements and bring together the whole team (including remote employees).

Feel free to get JobVibe for your Android or iPhone.

7. HRM Dictionary app comprises more than 1,400 terms and phrases widely used in the sphere of HR. All the words are sorted out alphabetically, which facilitates the way of learning their definitions.

Furthermore, it’s possible to take part in a quiz and evaluate the progress, understanding your strong and weak points.

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