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Five key benefits of Electronic Performance Review

Each time your calendar alerts you that it is time for a valued employee’s performance review; you might feel some stress and anxiety. No matter how positive your review is likely to turn out, the sheer volume of time, materials and resources you need to give a fair performance review makes the task feel exhausting, if not overwhelming.

HR managers continue to discover the benefits that come with adopting electronic employee assessment tools to support the performance review process and have determined that a unifying digital appraisal system has revolutionised their evaluation process, making it faster, easier and more effective. Like most HR managers — along with your organisation’s managers and supervisors — you likely strive to make your employee evaluation goals extend far beyond merely providing a flat sketch of your employees’ past year of work for them to sign off on and continue their work, as before. Ideally, each evaluation should serve as a source of information, reflection and inspiration for your esteemed staff members. Even employees with the highest performance ratings move forward more effectively after reviews with a solid sense of their current job performance, along with new goals for encouragement and enrichment.

It might help you to learn about some key benefits involved that you and your company can enjoy from investing in a unified employee performance evaluation system. Here is a list of five benefits of going digital for future employee reviews: Faster and easier administration and completion. Easily one of the top reasons most HR managers appreciate using electronic performance reviews: the ability to spend less time and intensive effort on performance reviews. Consider the times you had to cull stored employee notes from managers and other key data from various locations, and compare it to the idea of creating your own digital process and storage areas allowing you to access relevant data instantly.

Better organisation for context and understanding. With electronic performance reviews, you can “capture organisational, divisional and/or departmental goals in the tool,” which you can examine and share with employees, according to an article from MoldMaking Technology. This data helps you see each employee’s individual performance, as well as within the context of the organisation to see how his or her performance rates among peers. Sharing this information with employees gives them a unique view on their performance and how it benefits the whole organisation while sharing it with managers can help them guide team members to better productivity and improved performance.

Improve data collection and analysis. Perhaps your organisation values certain data metrics over others, or certain information may help you instruct employees better. An electronic assessment system will give you the tools to gather and analyse data that you need. This might include high-performers, underperformers, development and training needs, progress on goals, alignment of goals, and ratings by department. Increase employee growth and motivation. Feedback – positive and not-so positive – is essential for every employee’s growth and motivation within your organisation. It is important to let employees know how well they have adjusted to their job tasks. Whether they have exceeded expectations or fallen short, information becomes an invaluable tool. With a unified employee evaluation program, you can continually aggregate data and share it with employees for a more organic evaluation process that helps everyone stay on track. You can regularly give positive feedback and recommend training courses to enhance employees’ skills.

Protect your organisation legally. In situations that you feel may ultimately lead to an employee’s termination, it is critical that you properly document your case. Whether an employee may become litigious or not, it is important to note each infraction or case of underperformance for your organisation’s protection and to help you identify issues with other employees or in future hires. With a unified electronic performance review program, you can streamline the process, making it far less stressful for you, managers and employees.

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