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AI predictions for 2019

Jonas Rinde

AI will transform the way we collaborate in the workplace. Contributor Jonas Rinde, CEO – Huddly.

AI cameras will be increasingly present in the workspace in 2019. Video conferencing cameras that act as smart sensors will deliver automated user experiences that reduce the need for participants to control the camera manually, making video meetings simpler and more user-friendly, enabling more effective collaboration.

IoT is making our devices and spaces more helpful to us. In the meeting space, intelligent collaboration cameras will deliver analytical data about what happens in the space to management dashboards.

This analytic data will start with people counting, allowing office administrators to track usage of rooms throughout the day, and other automated user experiences. 2019 will see the rise and ubiquitousness of the smart workplace camera.”

How technology will impact future meetings and meeting culture in 2019 – Niklas Ingvar, CPO & Co-founder at Mentimeter. The hype around AR and VR has finally been dampened. The fantastic stories of how these technologies will enable virtual meetings, reduce travel needs, and increase efficiency, obviously didn’t transpire. So, while the expensive and fancy VR headset has ended up in the “never-gonna-use-again-but-can’t-throw-out-yet-drawer”, I see a less hyped but more important technology changing the way we work and interact.

The prevalence of smartphones is having an increasingly significant impact on the way people lead almost every aspect of their lives, from the way they socialise to the way they conduct business. There is no such thing as being ‘tech savvy’ anymore because people of all ages and backgrounds have easy access to powerful apps and services.

The smartphone’s winning recipe has always been its simplicity, and as new capabilities arise within these devices, along with the steady adoption of the bring-your-own-device culture, new possibilities emerge for enabling amazing collaboration experiences.

At the same time, people are adopting new ways of building and managing companies with flat hierarchies and transparent company cultures at the core. The desire to be included is simply human nature. As company culture is shifting towards this, the technology in your pocket is both advancing and becoming more accessible, I predict that 2019 will bring us an increased demand for, and supply of, disruptive collaboration tools.

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Receive more HR related news and content with our monthly Enewsletter (Ebrief)