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Youth unemployment – what you should be doing about it

The recent employment figures were promising but youth unemployment remains worryingly high. By Deborah Webster, specialist in understanding cultures, human dynamics and thought leadership. 

If you speak to a disheartened young person about their job search, many will say they have applied to a number of companies through their online web portal but have never heard anything. And those that get rejected are disheartened because they never got to speak to a human being. They don’t know why they got a ‘no’ so they can’t even learn along the way. I think most of us hate to see young people lose their confidence and enthusiasm before their professional lives have even started. What should businesses that care do to prevent this?

Purpose, Vision and Values

Many companies have their purpose, vision and/or values listed on their site, but are they compelling? Is it a purpose and mission that truly reflects what the company aspires to and not just spin? Purpose, vision and values are important, but more critical is the true culture of the organisation. Given that cultural fit is a key component in determining the suitability and longevity of a person within an organisation, it would be beneficial both for the company and the applicant to have a good understanding of the character traits they look for in determining cultural fit. These should be clearly communicated on the website and you should even give tips to young people as to how these could be demonstrated. You could have candid biographies of your current star talent at different levels of the organisation, podcasts, even call ins for applicants who want to ask questions. Fostering a human touch will improve not only the caliber and breadth of applicants but also your standing as an organisation in the community.

More than a CV

Do you think a CV is a true reflection of who you are and your capabilities? Some exaggerate their capabilities whilst others play them down, but for some reason we still use this piece of paper as a major screening tool. How does a CV highlight an individual’s attitude, personality and character? Whilst aptitude, capabilities and skills are important, there have been countless studies showing that it is much easier to teach a skill than it is to transform an attitude. We need to encourage applicants to show more of who they are – as human beings. It is often personal experiences that demonstrate resilience, character and determination – the golden nuggets for employers. Companies need to create the environment where people feel safe to be themselves.

Get the Business Lines Involved       

If we were looking for widgets to fit into a machine, I would understand the current systems. But if today’s applicants don’t become our employees, they are tomorrow’s potential clients, investors and partners. Anything we do to help foster goodwill is a good investment, for today and the future. Let’s all take it upon ourselves to do our little bit in helping guide the next generation and not leave it to a web portal or HR. If nothing else, update your LinkedIn profile saying you are willing to take a call or an email. This in turn will say a lot about your character and who knows what doors could open for you in return?

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