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What does semantic search mean for the recruitment industry

Does the next generation of search make a real difference to employers’ ability to find the right candidates, or is it just techno-hype ? Now that full semantic search is live it is possible to see the difference it makes.

All but the most cutting edge search engines work according to the tried and tested Boolean model, of looking for keywords within a given document or webpage. When looking for candidates this means that all CVs with a given keyword on it will be returned within your search results, however irrelevant the use of the keyword and therefore the candidate.

The latest semantic search engines – of which Monster’s Power CV Search is currently the only one live in the recruitment market today – can actually add a whole extra layer of intelligence to these searches, by looking not just for incidences of specific words, but also adding relevancy and recency.

Instead of searching for keywords, Monster Power CV Search understands the meaning of words. A search for “Nurse” for example, will pull up “RCN” and “NP.” A search for “lawyer” will find lawyers, solicitors and general counsels. Unlike keyword-based search, a search for a “financial executive” won’t turn up “executive assistant.”  Monster Power CV Search even understands what skills belong to what job categories, as well as which skills are more advanced than others.  As a result, you will receive more accurate and better quality matches for your openings. This game-changing approach results in unprecedented accuracy in the identification of the most qualified candidates.

To help you make better informed decisions, Power CV Search scores each candidate and lists them in rank order. The most qualified candidates will be displayed first.  Select the candidates you wish to view and see their full CV. Better yet, check out how their skills map to your requirements. Power CV Search identifies relevant qualifications so you can find perfect candidates, at a glance.

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