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Nusrat Ghani Allegations Show When Equal Opportunities Are Lacking in Grievances

Ms. Ghani’s experience, regardless of the future outcomes of a formal inquiry, suggests a concerning disregard for equality within the current government, with the response to date providing stark learnings for any organisation keen to create an inclusive and positive working culture.

Article by 15 February 2022


Empowering your diverse frontline workforce with inclusive technology

Frontline workers are the first people to see your brand, interact with your customers and ultimately, the ones who leave a lasting impression. Customers rely on the services our frontline workforce provide. Your business depends on the operational tasks they perform. And finally, your brand and reputation is based on their success.

Article by 12 April 2021


A level battlefield – Equal opportunities

We have come a long way since organisations first started discussing equal opportunities and equality. Equal opportunity is the right to be treated without discrimination and equality is the state of being equal, especially in status, rights or opportunity.

Article by 6 March 2020


Finding our way through the uncomfortable truths – whistleblowing, bullying and harassment

When we encounter whistleblowing, bullying and harassment, we are confronted by the need to discuss the thorny issue of the “truth” and our perception of it. The investigation of and search for an objective truth is often driven by a need to establish right and wrong. This is followed, in some form or other, by the identification of a perpetrator and a victim, of a “crime” and punishment. This can cause us to be very cautious with our words and the truths we affiliate ourselves with. It can also cause us to oversimplify the issues, avoid the grey areas and curtail discussions that are difficult. This leads to a breakdown of trust and, with that, an unwillingness to be truthful for fear of unfair incrimination.

Article by 17 July 2019


On the Inside

When I was growing up I went to school in Dundee.  We’d moved there from Newcastle and, when my sister ... View Article

Article by 2 March 2015