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How to help employees drive their own development

Employee learning and development are now at the heart of many organisations’ priorities for this year. With employee needs and business goals both evolving, HR managers have a constant uphill challenge. This guide breaks down how companies can help employees drive their development more strategically.

Article by 22 March 2023


A new formula for retail employment

What staff expect from their jobs has changed so dramatically that retailers need not just new management processes but a new language for communications as well as the tech tools to enable them

Article by 4 March 2023


Employees need commuting support as transport chaos continues

In order to improve employees’ commute and minimise disruption during the peak,  employers should  consider offering assistance with travel to and from work. This can include organising ride sharing or funding the provision of a coach or minibus shuttle service to enable staff to get to and from their place of work safely, reliably and comfortably so that they arrive on time, refreshed and ready to work.

Article by 13 February 2023


How can upskilling and reskilling reduce turnover?

Employees want training and learning opportunities that can help them grow and take on new responsibilities. This is where upskilling and reskilling can give workers the chance to acquire the knowledge to take on future challenges.

Article by 2 September 2022


The four pillars of early talent

In today’s competitive marketplace to put yourself in a prime position to bring in top talent and keep them there, a holistic approach is most impactful. 

Article by 18 August 2022


Retaining quality talent

Our Quality & Regulatory affairs manager, Jason, has been talking with candidates to gain some inside information for what they will be looking for long-term within a business. Jason says, “They are looking for a healthy, progressive, mental health-conscious and innovative organisation, which helps develop them as an individual, their careers and that they can feel passionate about executing the company mission.” He has helped us pull together a list of the top ways to retain your best talent whilst many are moving on.

Article by 18 February 2022


10 Proven Steps to Making Staff Meetings More Effective

It is increasingly a challenge to host effective, inclusive meetings that inspire collaborative relationships and action, especially if many of those meetings are online, or harder still hybrid.  International expert mediator and facilitator, Jane Gunn reveals ten proven steps on how to hold clear, effective and authentic meetings.

Article by 10 February 2022