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In Person Debate: Has the perception of time changed in the new era of work?

12:00pm to 4.30pm (post drinks after for an hour)

Join us for our next complimentary debate entitled: Has the perception of time changed in the new era of work? partnered with Protime



For generations of workers, time was the framework for how work forces were organised and businesses operated. Work-related stress was escalating, while engagement, productivity ,absenteeism and attrition steadily worsened, as the “always-on” culture took its toll. At the advent of flexible and hybrid working, employees were handed unprecedented levels of autonomy and freedom to organise their own worktime, but research is beginning to show that this is not the new era of work hinterland that was expected, nor the panacea to employee experience and business productivity. So, what is going wrong? Clearly, the ‘always-on’ culture and blurred work/life lines are cause for significant concern. Indeed, Protime’s research whitepaper The true cost of overtime: How overwork impacts employee performance, found that UK businesses face a ticking time-bomb of overtime culture, which is delivering bad outcomes for both productivity and employee wellbeing, due to the impact of poor time management.


In this exclusive debate we will explore how organisations need to reassess the value they place on time as a finite resource, to improve the performance of workforces that are operating in significantly different ways to the past. We will discuss how businesses should look at time more consistently – developing managers and teams to consider time as a currency for planning and managing tasks – in order to achieve consistency and sustainability, improve productivity, wellbeing, employee engagement and retention. We will also seek to understand the challenges businesses face when it comes to managing and measuring time, as well as identifying the derailers and obstacles and how to avoid them.

Complimentary refreshments, 2 course lunch and post drinks included.

For this debate we are most interested in registrations from HR & People Leader decision makers (HRDs, CPOs, HR & People Leads) who are working permanently for an organization of 250+ employees in any industry that places a value on time as a finite resource.


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