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UK ICF 2022 Online Conference Thriving in Extraordinary Times

09 November 2022     Virtual

9th to 14th November 2022

Organisations and people today face challenges of unprecedented scope. Local events have massive ripple effects on a global scale due to the interconnectedness of economies worldwide. Similar to the growth of Covid cases, the speed of change is exponential across a multitude of areas. In order to continue to serve our clients well, we believe it is crucial for the coaching community to learn how to masterfully navigate the Exponential Age and assess the implications for societies, organisations, teams, and individuals.

This is the goal of our conference. We will start by zooming out – looking at the system in the broadest possible way and – step by step – zoom back into the scale of organisations, teams, and individuals. You can expect thought-triggering conversations, inspiration as well as concrete tools, tips, and tricks to foster your ability to skilfully navigate through choppy waters.

We will be joined by Azeem Azhar, Glenda Eoyang, Anne Lemaire & Griff Griffiths, Tammy Erickson, Dave Snowden, Marion Walz, Mark Walsh, Simon Confino, Darren Stevens, Csaba Toth, Claire Dale & Kevin Chapman, Laura Watkins & Vanessa Dietzel, Charly Cox, Laure Fraval & TA Mitchell. More names to come!

We are looking forward to welcoming you and enjoying this amazing learning journey together.

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