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Could the link between mental and physical health be the key to productivity? HRDEBATE

24 November 2022     London

The link between mental and physical health is well recognised and studied. We know that stress can lead to heart attacks and strokes and anxiety can weaken the immune system. But when it concerns employee health and wellbeing, the importance of this is often overlooked. Even though 82 percent of employees agree that mental health and physical health are interconnected, only 58 percent say their employers share that view. Clearly, many workers are not receiving adequate care. So, how can employers show that their health and wellbeing initiatives are having a positive impact on their business and their employees and how can HR teams measure that?

Physical and mental health go hand in hand. Mental health conditions are not only causing physical illnesses but vice versa. Wellbeing is not a tick box exercise on work culture criteria, nor is it a trending cause célèbre that’s “nice to have”. What it represents must encompass everything that affects employees, and it should support them accordingly. To do this, the approach to wellbeing must be holistic and involve nurturing both mind and body. Wellbeing is unequivocally front and centre of a happy, engaged and productive workforce and looking after the whole health of your people is fundamental in attracting skills and talent in these challenging resourcing times.

Join theHRDIRECTOR roundtable where we will explore the link between mental and physical health and if it could be the key to improved productivity? Partnered with HealthHero – the debate will centre around the benefits and challenges of adopting a whole health approach to wellbeing. We’ll be sharing experiences, tips and advice on how to encompass both physical and mental health as a critical component of strategy. We’ll explore the barriers and benefits of streamlining the health and wellbeing offering, delving into proactive mental and physical support and how we can enable employees to manage their whole health. We will also discuss how data on wellbeing, engagement and usage trends can help shape strategy and provision.

*Research from HealthHero

For this debate, we only have only 15 places available, and we are inviting registrations from HRDs, CHROs, CPOs and Chief/Medical Officers. We are also keen to receive registrations from Directors/Senior Managers across HR, Wellbeing, Rewards and Employee Experience. Preference will be given to organisations with over 1,000+ employees.

To register your interest in taking part, please click HERE