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How to be a Resilient Decision Maker

09 November 2020     Virtual
Virtual (Microsoft Teams)

9th November 12:00 to 13:30

BeTalent are hosting a virtual lunch summit event, looking at the importance of ‘Learning from Failure: How to be a Resilient Decision Maker’.

At the 90-minute session you will have the opportunity to:

Learn – about resilience, decision efficacy, creating psychologically safe environments and overcoming the challenges associated with low resilience with Dr Amanda Potter.

Meet – our guests Alex Fergus, Chief People Officer at Refinitiv, Nadia Whittaker, Barrister Crown Office Chambers, and Martin Hewitt, Paralympian, Walking with the Wounded.

Gain Insight – into the psychological biases which distort our day-to-day perceptions; how can you overcome these to make better informed decisions?

Receive – A digital copy of the 2020 Resilience and Mental Health Whitepaper.

The event is available without costs to HR, Talent, Psychology and Learning professionals.

For more information please click HERE

To reserve your place please email: