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Health & Wellbeing Self Awareness for Leaders – HRDEBATE

14 June 2022     London

12pm to 4.30pm (post drinks to follow until 5.30pm)

Complimentary refreshments on arrival and throughout, hot buffet ‘sit-down’ lunch and post drinks

HRDEBATE – To sustain through these tumultuous and changeable times, leaders’ health cannot be overlooked. Faced with an uncertain future of challenge and opportunity, leaders will need to be on their A-game and their health and wellbeing will require support, accessible wellbeing interventions, a culture that champions leader health and allows for pragmatic introspection and honesty about their own health and wellbeing. That relies upon having confidence in a network of support. In the past where leaders were isolated and feared to admit that they were struggling, was a mandate for the scale of mental stress and burnout that was an escalating pandemic in its own right. But now there is an opportunity to make important changes from what has been learnt over the past two years.

An era of honesty and transparency dawns. Before this crisis that forced people apart, leadership was already on a journey, one that transposed disconnection and inaccessibility with transparency, empathy and candour and saw leaders admit when they were overwhelmed, struggling and vulnerable. It has been nothing short of revelatory, levelling and surprisingly reassuring and, as the hybrid working model evolves, those skills, hitherto called “soft”, will simply be “leadership qualities”.

Leaders sustainably and impactfully demonstrating good health and wellbeing is vital role-modeling across an organisation, leading to improved and sustainable outcomes, which turns the tables absenteeism and improved performance and engagement. So, join theHRDIRECTOR for a roundtable focused on leader health and wellbeing, partnered with BUPA, in which we will discuss the challenges in maintaining leadership health, what best practice looks like and how a new era of trust and transparency can pave the way to a more healthy way of working, for leaders and employees right across organisations.

We have only 15 places available and we are inviting registrations from Senior HR & People Leaders.

To register your interest in taking part, please click HERE