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The Future of HR – Roundtable

27 November 2018     Manchester
DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, One Piccadilly Place, 1 Auburn Street, Manchester M1 3DG

As the digital era re-defines the world around us, and constant workplace and workforce change impacts on business operations, HR risks falling behind in the race for future relevance. The inevitable choice businesses and HR functions face amid today’s unprecedented forces of change are clear: Drive change or be changed – shape or be shaped. As we continue to steer through a protracted period of disruption, the necessity to; predict, react, change and adapt remains top of the business agenda and pivotal to the effectiveness of HR in the future.

An agile framework, increasingly augmented by AI and automation is the sharp focused, future-facing model, with *50 percent forecasting that intelligent automation will drive significant changes for the business, and this will have a notable impact on the HR operating model. Supporting and relieving hard-pushed HR resources is essential, from the increasing pressures in recruitment and talent acquisition to the new complexities of performance and career management, freeing up resources to focus on strategy and planning is central to remaining business competitive.

However, as HR transforms to meet a fast changing future, many organisation are facing obstacles that are placing firms in technical lag and threatening future competitiveness. Some businesses are struggling to justify the cost, others fear the consequences of disruption, and a huge *43 percent are discovering significant technical capability shortcomings in supporting HR technologies, which is impeding progress. This is further compounded by poor change management (*36 percent). These are potentially damaging roadblocks that stand between HR and its capacity to deliver strategic value and support business plans.

Join theHRDIRECTOR for a roundtable, sponsored by KPMG, that focuses on the Future of HR. There will be a summary of the key findings of KPMG’s results in The Future of HR survey, followed by the roundtable discussion. We will explore the routes to freeing up resources to embark on more strategic and business aligned work and how re-engineering HR processes, is key to re-focusing HR’s business partner role. We will visit the projected costs that might cause a reluctance to invest and debate the cultural implications of increased automation, as well as the challenges of crossover in integration. Without doubt, this subject holds the key to the future of operational and commercial competitiveness, making this a debate not to be missed by those managing digital HR transformation.

We are inviting registrations from HR Leaders and Function Heads of IT or HRIS in companies of 3,000 employees or more.

Complimentary lunch, refreshments and post drinks are provided.

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