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Employee ill health: active management for effective outcomes

20 June 2017     Various Locations throughout June 2017

Employee ill health: active management for effective outcomes

Managing ill health is a perennial challenge for HR departments looking to balance employee welfare on one hand, and operational requirements on the other.

In this seminar EEF’s employment law team take an in-depth look at physical and mental ill health.

From dealing with hidden disabilities to managing employees at work with an underlying condition, our HR and employment law experts give you the insight you need, including:

•   Dealing with difficult behaviour related to an underlying condition
•   Making adjustments for hidden disabilities (e.g. dyslexia)
•   The ‘Do’s and ‘Don’ts of sick pay
•   Keeping in control when an employee goes off sick with stress
•   When can you safely dismiss?

Attend this seminar so you can manage employees with underlying conditions effectively and reduce the impact of sickness absence.

20th June – Melton Mowbray
20th June – Warrington
21st June – Bristol
26th June – Birmingham
28th June – Cambridge
28th June – Gateshead
28th June – Reading
29th June – Sheffield

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